Copper Crafted?

We produce all of our preserves in the traditional french method using copper pots. PJco jams & marmalades are made with the highest quality ingredients in small batches of 15-25 jars at a time.

We create the most fruit forward preserves with the loveliest textures by cooking in specially designed copper jam pots. The copper provides proper heat conduction while concentrating the fruit without caramelizing the sugars (potentially imparting a bitter taste.) The pectin from each fruit is extracted naturally through specific methods, jam to jam. We believe in the importance of a preservative free product often requiring a little extra time and TLC.

Is it safe? Copper cookware has been used for centuries. We safely craft our preserves and care for our copper pots with the best practices in mind.


When to enjoy by?

We don’t add any additional pectin or preservatives to our jams or marmalades. Each fruit has a different concentration of natural pectin so there are different ranges for different flavors.

Each jar is individually labeled with a suggested “enjoy by” date. Once opened, under proper refrigeration, they should last for at least two months.

How do I make a jam cocktail?

One of our favorite ways to enjoy PJco is in a cocktail. In fact, we like to build our preserves like we would build a cocktail so it is truly a natural fit.

It’s a pretty simple strategy depending on what you like. We enjoy mixing PJco jams with artisan spirits like Watershed & St. George Distillery Spirits and craft bourbon to curate layered cocktails. Most of them are shaken and double strained.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we can help. We’ve already posted some recipes and suggestions on Instagram HERE & HERE. More recipes coming soon to the newsletter. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know!

These ingredients are interesting, how do I find out more about them?

Follow along on Instagram as we feature products we love on our stories. Otherwise, send an email! We have plans to include products close to our heart on our newsletter & through continued features on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the small businesses we have partnered with for collaborations in the past. See our INSTAGRAM or check out our EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION retailers HERE.


We do currently produce our preserves in a facility with nuts, gluten, eggs, soy and dairy. However, we take the most care in the prevention of cross contamination.

Keep in mind, our signature Strawberry Jam with Pink Peppercorn is considered an allergen. Pink Peppercorns are related to the cashew family and may cause reactions in those with nut allergies. Jams that include bourbon, other wheat based spirits & beer may still contain gluten.

For items including the major allergens regulated by the FDA we include an allergen warning on the label. If you have questions regarding a specific jam please feel free to contact us via email or though our site, HERE.

Why ARE PJCO JAMS A different color BATCH TO BATCH?

We take pride in our small batch process, crafting 15-25 jars at a time. We use fresh produce to make our jams as delicious and as beautiful in color & texture as possible. Fruit is a thing from nature that we source seasonally. Sometimes fruit will be sourced from a variety of farms and very rarely we may switch the varietal of fruit based on its availability. We keep our recipes as consistent as possible but the final product can potentially be a different color with the same great taste.

If you’ve had a jar hanging out for a long time and it has an off odor & color it may have gone bad. See our “When should I enjoy it by?“ FAQ above.