Copper Crafted? Is that even safe??

We produce all of our preserves with exception to savory things in the traditional french method using copper pots. The copper helps regulate and conduct heat in order to extract the natural pectin from the fruit itself without caramelizing the sugar. Using copper has been used for centuries in cooking. We use pots without tin and take care in making sure there is contact with the jam for a minimal amount of time.

Why are my jams a different color even though they are the same flavor?

We use fresh produce to make our jams as delicious and as beautiful in color & texture as possible. Sometimes this means sourcing under or overripe fruit that changes with the season. We keep our recipes as consistent as possible but the final product can potentially be a different color with the same great taste.

rhubarb_preserves copy.jpg

How do I know when to enjoy it by?

We don’t add any additional pectin or preservatives so there are different ranges for different flavors. Each jar in individually labeled with an “enjoy by” date with a suggestion as to when it should be consumed. Once opened, under proper refrigeration, they should last for at least two months.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We are a small team of two. With growth we will be able to support bigger shipping commitments and get our shipping costs down. Until then, please enjoy seasonal shipping sales and bulk item discounts on our Etsy page.

How do I make a jam cocktail?

One of our favorite ways to enjoy PJco is in a cocktail. ITs a pretty simple strategy depending on what you like. We like to mix the jams with artisan spirits like watershed and st geared & buffalo trace to crew layered cocktails. Most of them are shaken and double strained. Don’t worry though, we can help. Recipes Coming soon.

These ingredients are interesting, how do I find out more about them?

Follow along on Instagram as we feature products we love on our stories. Otherwise, send an email! We have plans to include products close to our heart on our site in the future as well.